About Us

In Short:  This website provides Vacation Rentals with NO BOOKING FEES in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.
We also list local businesses and activities that relate to travel in our area (you can list them too!).

Finding a place to list Vacation Rentals where guests will not be charged any "service" or "booking" fees is tough these days.  Since most of the big online listing sites implemented these fees inquires have dropped for many owners and guests are frustrated with additional charges they have to pay just to book their vacation place.  Even though new sites emerged that offer listings with no booking fees, owners are not receiving inquires from them.  We believe that this is because it's next to impossible to compete with big sites on that level (at least for now).  However, region by region we can challenge them and their fees!

Catskill Getaway was originally built by one owner to list her properties.  It is now being redesigned to offer All Vacation Rental Owners in the Catskills region an opportunity to add their properties, local businesses, attractions and activities that relate to the Catskill Region in order to help visitors find them.  Our goal is to create an informative local website for Guests visiting the beautiful Catskill Mountains so they can find places to stay, and see, as well as learn about local activities.  Both Guests and Owners can add this information on our site, to share their own experiences and recommend their favorite spots to others.
We also provide local Business owners a free opportunity to list their business with us that relate to travel (restaurants, taxi, local stores etc). This is a great free way to add exposure to businesses and local activities in the Catskills and to help each other discover these places.

We need your help!  In order to be successful we need owners from different towns to join us and create their listings, local information about places to see and things to do in your area.

Right now we are still working on building CatskillGetaway and are starting to reach out to local Vacation Rental Owners to join our independent site.
We know that Guests do not want to pay high booking fees that big Online Listing Sites charge, so we want to provide this website for Vacation Rental Owners to list their Properties and for Guests to enjoy once again the Freedom of Direct Contact with Owners and Bookings without Fees! 
As requested by many, We are going back to the Basics!

We currently provide free listings for Owners.  We have a donation button, for those that want to help our efforts, which helps to keep the site free.  If in the future we implement any owner listing fees, it won't be until there are plenty of inquires and bookings from us, at which point we know owners will consider the cost minimal and understand that it helps to keep the site up and running.  

If you are a Vacation Rental Property Owner in the Catskills and would like to help create a local site where Guests do not pay booking fees, can find places not only to rent but also information on what to do while visiting your area, Please Join us!
If you are a local Business owner with a business type that relates to Travel and would like to list your business with us, you can do so as well! You do not have to be a Vacation Rental Owner to join us.

If you appreciate our effort, what we are hoping to build, and would like to help, please feel free to Contact Us with your ideas!  Donations are also greatly appreciated and help to keep this site free.

Thank you,

- CatskillGetaway Team